fat bottomed girl.

Lizzie. 21. fat bottomed girl.
obsessed with Queen <3
wants to follow/be followed by Queenies like myself.
ALSO will post ANYTHING else I obsess about... I would say I'm sorry but I'm not!

I swear every year when it gets close to Halloween… I am ALWAYS in the mood to watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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Saw the Queen Extravaganza Tribute concert tonight in Toronto.
All I have to say is, each and every one of these performers are extremely talented, passionate, and dedicated to putting on this fantastic show.
Furthermore, not only was it a showcase of brilliant talent, but it was an emotional experience as well—the unification of Queen fans. We were all there for one purpose, or, one mission… One heart, one soul, just one solution, one flash of light, one god, one vision.

Sorry, I had to.

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